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End of Summer Sale

It is our three week sale in time to help get you back to school or into fall. Already low prices have just gotten lower as all body jewelry is  an extra 20%off. Tshirts, hats, accessories and makeup are also on sale.  20-50% off Come instore to check it all out.


Welcome to Black Sheep Gifts

Black Sheep Gifts is one of the leading retailers of Body jewelry in both Alberta and BC. HUGE selection, great prices and amazing service. We also sell tons of great accessories to help you complete your personal style.

We now have 2 locations in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, making us the largest retailer of Body Jewelry in Central to Northern BC and Alberta.

  • I had the most wonderful customer service I have had in ages at Black Sheep in the mall. Super knowledgable and very kind.  thanks ladies!! And too the owners and managers, you have wonderful staff!!
    Kerrie Secor
  • Great customer service . When I started stretching my ears , I ordered all of my earings from the store in BC and the employees were super nice . I love that I can just go to the store in Edmonton meow :]
    Kat Stocking
  • This store is so unique . The employees are outgoing . And there's a lot of variety of the things you can buy :)
    Kristen Catherine Anderson
  • I get all my stretchers n plugs from here!! Amazing place and amazing people!! Id recommend you guys any day!!
    Jamie K Gibbons
  • Love this place! Couldn't wait for them to open and now I love going there! All the staff is just fantastic and the prices are awesome! Keep up the great work!
    Tereca Anderson
  • Great place to buy gifts and pretty much anything. The people that work there are super nice and awesome to talk to. I would reccomend this place to anyone over any other store.
    Gavin Mackie
  • Awesome service, good merch, excellent prices !! love Black Sheep Gifts!
    Chelsey Teal Cammidge
  • I absolutely love everything. The affordable jewelry, the over the top friendly staff, love the purses and wallets, I just love everything about this store. I recommend this place to everyone!
    Nicole Marie
  • This place is awesome! Any place with adventure time merch is good in my books!
    Emily Kennett
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