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We… at Black Sheep Gifts… are a small but enthusiastic company. We have two store Locations.  One at Pine Centre Mall in Prince George and once at Londonderry Mall in Edmonton.   We also do festivals and events so Like our our facebook page for Dates of when we are going to be in YOUR city

The owners of Black Sheep Gifts, Verneen and Alfredo, are our purchasing team. They travel the world looking for gifts that are fun, bizarre and in slightly bad taste. They search for those items that you will never see in the big box stores. From Patches to Body Jewelry to Tshirts…..we have all the fun stuff.

While they are away playing, (oops…we mean working), the rest of us, their AMAZING, WONDERFUL staff (we really are) man the stores and this website to help you find whatever you are looking for……

And then there is Bubba, our own little Black Sheep  He’s a fiesty little begger,” as my granda used to say.  Bubba is really only 18 inches but he is 6’2 in his heart.  He sometimes gets into trouble but his life is always an adventure he is willing to share.

Friend him if you dare

So….yes….it’s true. There is a Black Sheep in EVERY family, (sometimes more than one). And this is the place to shop for yours.

Whether it is Redneck, Pride or Pierced…..Black Sheep come in all shapes and beliefs.

Phone us, email us or even better….Come see us!


Body Jewellery Experts

Our staff know our piercings. We’re here to answer your questions on gauges, stretching, maintenance, and the materials you’re wearing. While we don’t offer piercing, we can guide you through the process of finding the right jewellery for you.


We fully support the pride community, and offer many products to help you show your support too.


Want to show off your favourite show? Chances are we have swag for it. From Attack on Titan to Adventure Time, we’ve got you covered.


Looking for t-shirts to support your favourite musicians? We’ve got those too. Visit us to see what we have in stock.
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